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Why Is Pet Dental Care Important

The buildup of food particles and bacteria around your pet’s teeth makes it susceptible to dental diseases. Without dental care, bacteria destroy the teeth and their support structures. As a pet parent, you want to get on top of things and ensure your pet has strong, healthy teeth.

Pet dental care is essential for the following reasons:

1. Prevents Bad Breath


Bad breath, called halitosis, makes it challenging to be close to your pet. You cannot give or receive kisses from them. Cleaning teeth gets rid of plaque. A clean, healthy mouth does not produce any odor.

2. Prevents Tooth Loss


The pet’s teeth may start to fall off when the supporting structures get infected and damaged. You want to get ahead of this to ensure that the support structures remain healthy and the teeth in place.

3. Prevents Deterioration of Dental Diseases


Research indicates that by the time dogs are three years, many will have suffered a dental disease. While the disease is nearly inevitable, dental care prevents it from becoming severe.

4. Averts Oral Pain


Infected teeth can be quite painful. But, proper dental care prevents oral infections and diseases that cause pain.

5. Prevents Organ Damage

Plaque contains bacteria that may sometimes enter your pet’s bloodstream. The bacteria then attack the liver, heart, and kidneys. This condition is called bacteremia. It may lead to organ damage and make the dog feel very sick. Keeping a clean and healthy mouth helps to avoid bacteremia and possible organ damage.

6. Baby Teeth Retained Are Problematic


Dogs and cats must lose their baby teeth before the adult teeth grow in. But, baby teeth don’t all come out easy. If left alone, tartar builds up around the tooth and the gum around them may become inflamed. Dental care allows your vet to take out the unwanted baby teeth.

7. Helps to Diagnose Problems Early


Pets, especially dogs, are experts at hiding their pain. You may not even notice that your dog is sick or in pain until the condition worsens. So, ensure your dog makes regular visits to the vet. The vet checks the dog’s mouth, and if there are issues, they can be caught early.

8. Saves Money


Catching dental issues before they evolve into more severe problems is advantageous. It helps save the cost it would take to treat severe advanced conditions. For example, the effort it takes to brush your dog’s teeth is nearly negligible compared to treating periodontal disease. Also, you enjoy the peace of knowing that your pet is in good health.

9. Teeth Wear Out


Pets are hard on their teeth, causing them to wear off and chip easily. This may lead to severe pain. The vet may notice this during a dental cleanup and offer a solution to it.

Maintaining a clean mouth is one of the ways to ensure your pet is healthy and happy. Visit the Santa Monica Pet Medical Center at Santa Monica, California, for dental examination and cleaning. You can also call 310-393-8218 to request an appointment.

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