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What to Expect From an Annual Pet Wellness Exam

When it comes to issues of your pet’s wellness, prevention is better than cure. The fact that your pet does not talk means that you must take responsibility for their wellness. Regular or annual visits to the veterinarian will help keep your pet in healthy shape. 

During the visits, the vet can spot signs of illness and determine if the pet is growing properly. You can find out what to expect from an annual pet wellness exam. 


Pet Wellness Exam - What to Expect


It is vital to realize that a pet wellness exam is not for treating a sick pet. During the pet wellness exam, the vet will conduct a comprehensive examination. The exam will include checking the eyes, oral cavity, ears, abdomen, heart, lungs, limbs, lymph nodes, and coat. 


Apart from carrying out the physical exam, the vet will also talk to you about your pet’s nutrition and behavior. You can discover the best ways to keep your pet happy and healthy. 


Pet Wellness vs. Emergency Visits


Visiting the vet for pet wellness does not have to wait until your pet is sick. Wellness exams target healthy animals, and they are more about prevention and not treatment. Emergency vet visits involve taking a sick pet to the vet. 


The goal of the emergency visit is to treat the problem and ensure that the pet is feeling better. The vet may also address the overall physical condition, vaccines, and grooming to ensure that the pet is healthy.  


Frequency of Wellness Exams


The frequency of wellness exams will depend on the pet’s age. In general, wellness exams should be an annual event. Puppies and kittens require more frequent visits than older pets. The younger pets need a series of vaccinations and other services. 


Please note that a healthy adult pet will still require the annual wellness visit. Senior pets may require biannual wellness visits to ensure they remain healthy.  


Ensuring Healthy Pet Weight


One of the most important topics during the wellness exam is the pet’s weight. Research suggests that most cats and dogs are obese or overweight. Overweight pets are more likely to suffer from certain medical conditions. 


Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the chances of developing diseases and will help maximize the pet’s lifespan. The vet can recommend a healthy diet and exercise to ensure the pet is within a healthy weight range.   


Pet Vaccinations 


It is possible to prevent dangerous and often fatal diseases with vaccines. During the wellness exam, you will discuss the issue of vaccines. It is necessary to understand the vaccines important for your pet. There are core vaccines that are mandatory for all pets, such as the rabies vaccine. Your location and your pet’s lifestyle will determine the vaccines recommended. 


A pet wellness exam will include other issues such as parasite prevention, pet dental health and diagnostics, and bloodwork. Annual exams offer the opportunity to monitor the pet’s overall health. 


To learn more or to book an annual pet wellness exam, call Santa Monica Pet Medical Center at (310) 393-8218 to reach our office in Santa Monica, California. 

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