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The Benefits of a New Year's Resolution for Your Pet: How to Improve Their Health and Well-being

It takes significant time and effort to care for a pet; hence, you should not take the commitment lightly. As the new year comes close, you can resolve to take better care of your pet. Various animal breeds and varieties have different care needs. 


Ensure you are ready to provide your pet with the degree of care necessary to meet its unique needs. Caring for your pet means committing to improving their health and well-being. Different pets have various requirements, but some cut across for all pets. 



Improving Your Pet’s Health and Well-being



First, the best course of action regarding safety is to ensure your home is safe and risk-free. If your pet escapes, getting them microchipped is necessary and required by law. Always make sure the chip is current. Speaking of the law, your pet must always be led on walks in a collar with a current tag on. Your address, phone number, and last name will be on a call tag.






The problem with feeding pets is that they either receive excessive amounts of food or improper nutrition. Up to 60 percent of pets are overweight, according to the Association for Pet Obesity 






All this excess weight negatively affects your pet's quality of life. Overweight animals are more likely to develop diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension, resulting in higher vet expenses and shorter lifespans.


Feeding your pet high-quality food in the right quantity is the first step in combating animal obesity. It is best to speak with your veterinarian if you are unsure where to begin. Before making a food recommendation with the necessary nutrients, they will consider the age and size of your pet.






It would be best if you exercise your pets every day. Try to diversify your playing or mix it up with a frequent walk or run in a safe area to keep them from getting bored with the same old routine every day. Only allow your pet to run free in contained spaces or when you are sure you can have their attention. 


Never let your pet go loose on a street or a road; be a pet person. Pets like spending time with you and your family and playing and exercising. The basic minimum amount of contact every day is four hours.






Neutering or Spaying



It is important to neuter your dog or cat as part of appropriate pet ownership. Your pet's health and behavior can improve from neutering or spaying. It aids in enhancing their disposition and lowers the risk of getting some cancers.






All pets should receive a vaccination against common illnesses and viruses. These viruses must be treated seriously, given their potential to cause death.






You will still need to purchase a grooming brush and dog shampoo and schedule frequent grooming sessions, even if your dog has short hair. Short-haired cats do not need to be brushed except when they shed. But long-haired cats require frequent brushing.


For more on the benefits of a new year's resolution for your pet, visit Santa Monica Pet Medical Center at our office in Santa Monica, California. Call (310) 393-8218 to book an appointment today.

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