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How to Find a Lost Pet With a Microchip

More than nine million pets get lost in the U.S. annually, with 80 percent of them never returning to their owners. One of the most effective ways to find and identify lost pets is through a microchip.

A microchip is a gadget with a unique number that is pet-specific. The vet will place the chip under the pet's skin using a needle, mainly between the shoulder blades. Someone must scan the chip using a scanner to identify the pet's details. 


Microchipping is ideal for animals like horses, cats, and dogs, among many others. So how do you find a lost pet that has a microchip?


How to Get Your Microchipped Pet


While most pets know their homes and owners and can easily track the way back home, most do not. According to reports, more than eight million pets are rescued annually in the USA. It is crucial to ensure your pet has a microchip so that if it disappears, the chances of finding it will be much higher than putting up posters and fliers!


Here is how you make the microchip work for you.


  • Access a Shelter


Once someone finds the pet, the microchip will work when someone uses a microchip scanner on it. Most scanners are in pet shelters. For it to work, the rescuer must take the pet to the pet shelter or a veterinarian's office to scan it.


  • Scan


After scanning the chip and identifying the number, the shelter management can contact the chip number company. Many companies produce chips, but only one unique number belongs to a specific pet. Once the scanner identifies the chip, a database will present itself. 


  • Proper Registration


Ensure you have registered your pet and chip number with the microchip company. Remember that many pets are microchipped, so it would take a long time to identify your pet if the details are wrong. Make sure you have up-to-date contact information. The microchip company can also help the animal shelter keep guard on the lost pet.


  • Check the Microchip Account


If someone has rescued and taken your pet to the shelter, you can access the information through its microchip account. A microchip account belongs to the pet owner and has the animal owner's details. It enables a community of pet owners who can help you look for your lost pet. You only need to announce that your pet is lost under "Missing pet admin." 


Some Misinformation About Microchipping


Microchipping has saved pet owners from the agony of going door-to-door placing posters for missing pets. However, it is essential to know that:


  • Microchips do not show the real-time location of your pet.

  • You do not have a guarantee that you will locate your pet just because it has a microchip.

  • The only information available on the microchip is the contact information you put in during its registration.


For more on microchips or to schedule a visit, call Santa Monica Pet Medical Center at  310 393-8218 to reach our office in Santa Monica, California. 

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