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Santa Monica Pet Medical Center Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Santa Monica Pet Medical Center.

“Anthony is an essential, outgoing, very professional, and very knowledgeable 😇 I'm very pleased that this company hired him a great person to have on the team.”

Penelope S.

“SMPMC is amazing! I am a first-time pet owner and needed a lot of help and questions answered. The entire staff was so friendly and kind and you can tell they really love animals. They understand how emotional pet owners are and are very sympathetic to that. Dr. Miller and Mary Rose in particular were phenomenal. They were so patient and so kind. I very much appreciate the team there!!! And so did my kitten- he even fell asleep because he felt so comfortable!”

Liz M.


Dr. Miller was very thorough and kind in treating my elderly cat. She was sensitive to our feelings too. The staff was professional and helpful".

Bob D.

“Dr. Annie Hernandez is a total package. As a health care provider myself, I know how important, and yet rare it is, to be knowledgeable, kind, reassuring and practical. Dr. Hernandez is all parts. I highly recommended her and the uber accommodating staff at Santa Monica Pet Medical Center. Ziggy appreciates it!”

Gordon A.


“I’m a new patient and I liked the facility, they were very considerate and put myself and my dog in a room as he had a cough and didn’t want to potentially spread anything if it had been contagious. Dr. Greenbaum was very thorough and gentle with my pup. Nice to see a neighborhood place that has been around a while and continues to get great feedback.👍🏻!”

Amanda L.

“Dr. Isaacs is our favorite but all the doctors here are great. We have been coming here for 10 years and they know our dog when we call. Good staff. No complaints and highly recommend.”

Amy H.

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