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Prescription Refill Request

Prescription Medications - On Premise Pharmacy

Santa Monica Pet Medical Center has both an onsite and online pharmacy. Our premise pharmacy is the fastest and most economical option for original and refill drug prescriptions. Pre-approved refills are normally filled same day.

​​​​​​​To obtain a prescription refill through our on-premise pharmacy, please call our automated refill line at (310) 393-8225. Refill requests received before 2 pm are processed same day. You can also use the Request a Refill form below. If you are interested in having the prescription shipped to your home, please indicate in your request. A client service representative will contact you to confirm your request before filling. Your pet must have a current examination performed by one of our doctors within the last 12 months to be eligible for drug refills. Not all prescriptions are eligible for refill.

If your refill request is urgent, call our front desk at (310) 393-8218. Please do not call an outside pharmacy to order a refill or an original prescription – all refill requests must start with our client, not an outside pharmacy.

​​​​​​​Home Delivery of Food and Pet Supplies Through Our On-line Store

Our online store is through a partnership with Covetrus Animal Health, and ships pet food directly to your home. Click here to ​​​​​​​Shop Online for Home Delivery. We recommend our on-line store for ordering pet food, treats and over the counter products. If you need your prescription medications quickly, we recommend our on-premise pharmacy instead. You do not need a written prescription to order through our on-line pharmacy.

The Purina company offers convienient direct shipping of their pet food and is highly recommended as a client favorite for pricing and speedy delivery:

Click Here for Purina ProPlan​​​​​​​

Written Prescription Requirement for Outside Pharmacies

A relatively new California law requires we provide the consumer with an original written prescription when the consumer wishes to obtain medications from an outside pharmacy (Chewy, 800petmeds, Petco, Costco, CVS, etc.). PLEASE DO NOT HAVE A PHARMACY CALL OR FAX your request for an original fill or refill to us as it will only delay the process. The request needs to begin with our clients with whom we have a relationship. If you want your medications filled elsewhere we will happily prepare a written prescription if refill or fill eligible, then make the original available for pickup. Please note that a request for a written prescription after you have left our premise for an exam or treatment by your doctor, can take up to 7 days. Written prescriptions are provided upon request at the time of an examination or treatment by the performing doctor.

Request a Refill

Refill requests are processed within 24 hours. ​​​​​​​

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