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High-Quality Pet Surgery for Any Procedure

Pet Surgery

Santa Monica Pet Medical Center is an AAHA-accredited pet surgery clinic, performing many procedures with the highest level of care and safety. Our facilities feature high-tech equipment including video endoscopy for non-invasive exploratory surgery. Our clinic is designed to give your pet a safe, comfortable, and most of all, effective surgery.

Surgeries We Perform

Our procedures cover a wide range of issues, and there’s very little we can’t do. Here are some of the surgeries we perform:

  • Spay/Neuter (see our spay and neuter page here for more information)

  • Mass removal

  • Splenectomy, removal of the spleen

  • Ear hematoma, accumulation of blood in the flap of the ear

  • Amputations in severe cases

  • Exploratory procedures

  • Just about anything else involving soft tissue surgery

Our AAHA-accreditation means you can trust us to give your pet the highest quality care. No matter if the procedure is routine or complex, we use the same standards for each pet surgery. Your pet will receive blood work and pre-anesthetic testing to ensure there are no hidden problems before surgery, as well as pre-sedation pain medication to lessen discomfort immediately after.

surgical suite

Anesthesia with the Least Amount of Risk

Anesthesia for pet surgery has its own set of complications that can arise in rare cases. Luckily, with our fully qualified team and state of the art monitoring technology, your pet is under close observation. Furthermore, a designated veterinary technician team stays with your pet every step of the way, checking vitals frequently.

We monitor your pet’s heart rate, heart rhythm (EKG), temperature, and blood pressure to make sure no significant changes occur during or after surgery. Additionally, our warming systems keep your pet as cozy as possible for maximum comfort, while administering fluids.


Video Endoscopy and What It Can do for Your Pet

Not all procedures are invasive with long recovery times – our team is equipped with the latest technology for exploratory surgeries and biopsies. A video endoscopy involves a thin, pliable plastic tube that can be inserted into an orifice or incision for close-up examination with minimal invasion.

The endoscope also enables us to extract samples for biopsy, all with minimal trauma to your pet. It is commonly used for rhinoscopy, where the tube is inserted into the nose for either observation or the removal of a foreign object. Additionally, we also commonly perform otoscopy procedures, which involve removing severe ear blockages.

Post-Surgery and At-Home Care

For most routine procedures, patients will be discharged the same day as surgery. You will be updated on your pet's progress frequently and can expect the best in medical boarding if your pet requires overnight care. Furthermore, when you come to collect your pet, we’ll give you detailed at-home care instructions to ensure a full recovery.

While every pet is different, it generally takes 18-24 hours for the effects of anesthesia to wear off, and possibly longer for your pet to regain its full appetite. The important thing is to be patient and make your pet as comfortable as possible throughout their recovery.

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