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The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines help protect your pets against contagious diseases, some of which are potentially fatal. They help keep your pet healthy and comfortable. Most vets insist on periodical vaccination as an aspect of pet care.


Just like human babies, pets can receive some natural protection from breastfeeding from their mothers. But this protection fades after weaning, hence the need for vaccination. Your young pet’s immune system does not fully develop until they are over six months old. Any disease they contract before this age may be fatal.


Types of Pet Vaccines


Depending on your location, you will have to choose between two types of pet vaccines. The two are lifestyle and core vaccines. Lifestyle vaccines protect your pets from diseases common in your immediate environment.


Some of the pet lifestyle vaccines include leptospirosis, influenza H3N2, Bordetella, and rattlesnake. Core pet vaccinations are crucial to your pet’s health and could be required by state law. Other vaccines are specific to the type of animal.


Importance of Pet Vaccinations


It is humane to take responsibility for the health of your pets. This is for:


Keeping Your Pets Healthy


Your pets need to begin their vaccinations from a young age since their immunity is weak at this stage. They will also need immunity boosters to help prevent and fight existing diseases. Older pets also need immune boosters to stay healthy as they age.


Protecting Other Pets


You may sometimes take your pet for walks where they will most likely interact with other animals. As most pet diseases are contagious, you need to vaccinate your pet regularly. Vaccinating your pet means they will not transmit any infections to other animals. In the event of a bite, you can be confident that the other animals will not get sick.


Protecting Your Family


Some animal diseases can affect humans. These zoonotic diseases like rabies can put your family at risk if your pet carries it. It is dangerous to have an unvaccinated pet if you have small kids and elderly persons as part of your household. Rabies can spread from your pet to anyone in your family if it bites or scratches someone.


It is a potentially fatal disease that affects your central nervous system. To avoid this, have your pet receive the core vaccines. In this way, you are not only protecting your pet, but your family as well.


Financial Implications


Pet health care can be just as costly as your own. In the event of a disease, you will face expensive treatment costs and long periods of quarantine. You can avoid these medical bills by having your pet receive regular immunizations.




Most first-world countries like the United States require all pet owners to keep their pet vaccinations up-to-date. This also applies to pets that stay indoors. The most important core vaccine that most countries advocate for is rabies.


Failure to vaccinate your pets in this case results in a hefty fine. You can avoid an outbreak of diseases by keeping up with your pet’s vaccination appointments.


For more information on the importance of pet vaccinations, contact Santa Monica Pet Medical Center in Santa Monica, California. You can call us at (310) 393-8218 to book an appointment today.

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